Our Services

Portals / Websites, Intranet / Extranet, Individual Web- and Mobile applications, CRM and Business solutions.

Together with you, we plan and develop Web based solutions, based on modern Web technologies.

Be it classical WebCMS and Intranet/Extranet solutions based on the enterprise CMS Plone. Or Web based solutions based on Frameworks like Pyramid,  FastAPI and Django, as well as modern, flexible Javascript Frontends based on  Svelte, SvelteKIT or React.

Customized business solutions for example Customer Relation Management (CRM), up to full grown solutions which cover huge parts of your business workflows and help your company provide better and faster services for your customers (ERP), we build for you based on Odoo.

Web based solutions we develop usually responsive, but sometimes we go further and build specialized web based  mobile app's (PWA's).

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